Restoration and Maintenance of DeCasa Marble Surfaces.

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Watch the video


Using DECASA Marble Restoration Kit, you can now restore and easily remove small scratches from the coated marble surfaces.


Through years of working with marble, we have developed our own unique coating that permanently protects natural marble tabletops against stubborn stains. This special coating is also safe for food handling and is non-toxic, allowing us to be the first manufacturer worldwide of natural marble furniture to receive the NSF®️ accreditation, a global standard for public health and safety.



At DeCasa, we have an extensive range of premium quality marble dining tables available in an exciting variety of themes and patterns, beautifully crafted to meet your needs.

Our products are artisan realizations made of 100% natural stones. Hence, there will bound to be nuances of shades a well as various weight and dimensions between each piece. Each piece of stone is unique and will be rather different in look and color.

The presence of various crystal veins, varying shades on the same piece of stone, micro-cracks and small holes… These are not defects, but defining characteristics of the natural product. Among all, the marble stone’s distinctive veining is one of its most outstanding features. Bear in mind that the formation of veins is an organic process that results in random swirls and styles. We will like to emphasize that no two slabs of natural marble are exactly the same—each marble tabletop is a one-of-its-kind furniture that you will not find elsewhere. Hence, the colors illustrated in the website and catalog should only be used as a reference, but not exact replicas of the product that you will receive.

To ensure satisfaction, customers may view and select the marble slabs at our inventory system before ordering. We highly recommend doing so, as some materials have a greater variance in textures and patterns than others. In fact, we also welcome mix-and-match options with your preferred marble top and a tabletop base of your choice. So, feel free to choose the marble slab that best convey your creativity with us at DeCasa.




To ensure our marble tabletops are highly resilient against stains and spills, DeCasa has developed a unique coating that permanently protects natural marble tabletops against stubborn food stains. Hence, our tabletops are non-toxic and safe for food handling. Furthermore, our coated marble furniture is the first in the world to receive the NSF® accreditation, a global certification that substantiates the product is safe for public health and hygiene standards.

What is NSF?  As an independent and accredited organization across the globe, NSF’s mission is to protect and improve global human health. According to their website, “manufacturers, regulators and consumers all over the world look to NSF to facilitate the development of public health standards and provide certifications that help protect food, water, consumer products and the environment”.

Here at DeCasa, we are very proud of our NSF recognition for our marble tabletops. So, rest assured that we will continue to deliver quality artisan products to our customers with the DeCasa way.




Natural stone, by nature, is always imperfect.

Natural stone just won’t stand up to the fastidious scrutiny of perfectionists, and it really shouldn’t. The real beauty of any natural stone comes from its unabashed uniqueness. In fact, we strive to present the nature’s beauty in its most original form possible.

The following information shall explain just a few of the possible natural characteristics of marble stone, and please note that such characteristics cannot be claimed as manufacturing defects under our Limited Warranty policy.



In certain marble stones, there will natural be areas that have a slightly different composition than the rest, in which they take polish differently.

The results after polishing occasionally results in cloudy patches and they too are perfectly natural.

Example: St Laurent marble with cloudy patch.




Natural crystal veins will occur in the stone and this should not be mistaken as crack or defect of any kind. Generally, the crystal vein is visible & some may even can be touched. However, it appears only on the stone surface in which it is sealed within our NSF® accredited coating.

Example: Panda White with crystal crack vein.




These are examples of fissures are natural cracks that found in the stones’ surfaces. Most of them are almost undetectable, but some are wide enough that quartz bits and epoxy resin are required to fill them in.

Mining companies extract marble stones out of the ground in large cubes. Then, the marble cubes will be sliced up like slices of bread. Hence, cracks can occur during these processes. However, if the accidental crack doesn’t entirely damage the integrity of the stone, it’s immediately restored with resin and release for sales in the market. Its structural integrity is still sound and perfectly well for usage.

Example: Travertine slab’s fissures and pits filled in with resin.